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Oil & Gas / Energy
Life Sciences
Precision Engineering
Technology Applications
Design Services
Design Services
Customer Focus
We work with customers to develop projects from concept to prototype as part of their design team and on a standalone basis.
DFMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly)
We also redevelop existing projects in order to design out cost and improve ease of manufacture.
Versatile Knowledge Base
As well as using our extensive in house skill base we have, where required, availed of expertise from universities, government agencies and the Frannhofer TEG group in Germany. We have links to technical experts in FEA (Finite Element Analysis), Injection Moulding, Investment/Die Casting and Rapid Prototyping.
Integrated CAD/CAM
We have the capability of 2D/3D modelling and manufacturing using:
- Solid Edge 17
- AutoCAD 2000
- AlphaCAM
Multiple Design disciplines
- Machine Design
- Product Design
- Electro-Mechanical Design
Internal Product Design
We have designed and developed solution products, based on our own experiences in the different industry sectors, by listening to the customers needs.
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